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Hello ASQ Reliability & Risk Division Members and Volunteers,

As most of you are probably aware of by now, ASQ is undergoing a transformation that may significantly alter how technical communities such as the ASQ Reliability & Risk Division operate and our future state.

The ASQ Reliability & Risk Division Management Committee met recently to discuss our future in the context of this transformation and you may see some changes as a result. Our end goal is to preserve ASQ member value and the value that we bring to the reliability and risk professional community at large. And we still intend for our division to be subject matter experts and thought leaders through our webinar offerings, conference sponsorship and participation, Body of Knowledge development, and outreach.

Due to the changing IT landscape, you will see changes in the www.asqrd.org website and access to certain content to make it simple and easier to manage in the near term and as we prepare for other aspects of ASQ transformation. Some content may be deactivated in the near term as we sort out access rights since the content is under copyright by other organizations. We will not lose any of this content since we will maintain redundant storage of it but it just may be temporarily unavailable.

Specifically, past proceedings and webinar presentations will no longer be available on our website. Our archived webinar videos will still be available without a required login at Vimeo. All our videos can be accessed at https://vimeo.com/album/5072285 or by using the menu link above. Additionally, if you wish to be added to the future webinar mailing list please send us an email at webmaster @ asqrrd .org (remove the spaces).

We will continue to be a strong presence at the RAMS Symposium and will be considering collaboration with other ASQ Division sponsored conferences and external conferences to bring our message, content, and training to a wider audience with more efficiencies and impact.

Of course, to continue to provide the member value that we do, proper funding of our efforts needs to be made available since even a non-profit, member led, volunteer society and its divisions rely on funding and wise management of those funds to continue to be viable. We do have concerns about the funding impact to our division and other divisions in the Technical Communities Council that ASQ transformation may bring and we will be working to ensure that the proper amounts and mechanisms to protect those funds be put in place so that our vital mission can continue.

Best Regards,
Dan Burrows
Chair – ASQ Reliability & Risk Division

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