Reliability, Maintenance & Managing Risk Conference

August 2-3, 2022

Marriott Hartford Downtown, Connecticut

Tools to meet 21st Century Challenges: Reducing Risk and Optimizing Reliability

RMMR 2022 Presentations + keynote recording

RMMR Conference presentations
Below an overview of the presentations as given at the RMMR conference in Hartford August 2-3.

The presentations we have permission to share are included.

August 2

Keynote presentation (Douglas C. Montgomery)

Graphical Analysis of Life Data in Business, Medicine, and Engineering (Wayne Nelson)

Reliability Based Tolerancing Design: A Mini Tutorial (Mindy Hotchkiss)

Reliability Models for New Product Development (Keyanna Qi)

9 Steps to Reliability Transformation (Dan Conrad)

“I wish they had involved me earlier.”  3 Ways for Reliability Engineers to Make a Bigger Impact on New Product Development (Dianna Deeney)

Case Study: RCCA Application with Future Provisions for Machine Learning and Diagnostics Techniques (Ethan Erlhoff)

Problem Solving/Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – An Experiential Perspective (David Auda)

Setting and Updating Probabilities in Medical Device Risk Management (Dan O’Leary)

How to Set the System Level Reliability Targets for medical products (Michelle Grasso)

EU-MDR PMS Signal Detection and Reporting (Dan O’Leary)

Improved Reliability Estimation Accuracy and Quality Sampling Efficiency via the Kerman Prior (Charles Recchia)

this presentation is available upon a direct request to the author (

FMEA: A Sword or Shield in Litigation? (Joseph Berk & Rob Ammons)

Reduce Risk with a Requirements Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (Jaime Franqui)

Quality, Risk & FMEAs (Marcia Weeden)

August 3

Covariate Software Vulnerability Discovery Model to Support Reliability and Defect Prediction (Lance Fiondella)

FMEA is Not Adequate for Hazard Analysis (Joseph Berk & Rob Ammons)

Advances in repair data analysis (Wayne Nelson)

Panel presentations

Maintenance Modeling and Analysis of a Complex System with Dependent Failure Modes (Cesar Ruiz, Edward A. Pohl, Haitao Liao)

Collaboration and Consulting Skills (Wayne Nelson)

Keynote recording

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