RAMS 2023 ASQ RRD Courses

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Courses at RAMS 2023 by ASQ Reliability and Risk Division

An 8-hour pre-conference course “Practical RCA & Problem Solving” will be taught by David Auda on Sunday, 8 am – 5 pm.

An 8-hour post-conference course “Practical Risk Assessment Training” will be taught by Mohammad Pourgol-Mohamad on Thursday, 1 pm – 5 pm + Friday, 8 am – Noon.

Practical Risk Assessment Training

Mohammad Pourgol-Mohamad, Ph.D, PE, ASME Fellow

Associate Professor (adj), University of Maryland, College Park


ASME Fellow

This course will teach all the foundational of Risk Assessment on why study risk, sources of risk, overview of Risk Assessment and relation to Risk Management, relation to System Safety and Reliability Engineering; measures, representation, communication, overview of use of risk assessment results in decision making. The covered topics will be:

-Terms and Definitions for Risk Analysis

-Domains of Applications

-Risk Metrics

-Methods of risk scenario likelihood assessment

-Qualitative Risk Assessment

-Quantitative Risk Assessment

-Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) process; detailed converge of PRA methods

including (1) methods for risk scenario development such as identification of initiators by event sequence diagrams, event trees, fault trees

-Risk Acceptance Criteria

-Uncertainty Quantification for Risk Calculations

Duration: 8 hours (One days of 8-hours)


1. Risk Analysis in Engineering: Techniques, Tools, and Trends 1st Edition, 2006, by

Mohammad Modarres (Author)

2. Class Slides

About the Instructor:


Dr. Mohammad Pourgol-Mohammad is a risk/reliability analyst in multidisciplinary systems analysis and Associate Professor (adj) of Mechanical engineering at University of Maryland and was an Associate Professor of Reliability Engineering with Sahand University of Technology (SUT). He received his Ph.D in Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland (UMD. He is a senior member of ASQ, ASME Fellow and a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in States of Maryland and Massachusetts. He is a certified reliability engineer (ASQ CRE), certified six sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Manager of Quality/Organization Excellence (ASQ CMQ/OE). He has authored more than 160 papers and

reports on his research and filed one US patent.

Practical RCA & Problem Solving Training

David Auda, CRE, CMQ/OE

Reliability & Maintainability Manager

According to the Deloitte-AIAG Quality study of 2020, effective Problem Solving was listed as the number one issue facing OEMs and suppliers. Consensus was that improvement in the area of Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis would make a significant positive contribution in terms of development/operational costs, warranty, safety, core competency and customer satisfaction. This workshop is designed to provide attendees with the necessary fundamentals to be able to effectively and efficiently facilitate Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis. Whether you are a seasoned experienced problem solver or a neophyte, this workshop will prove beneficial to you and your organization. Bring your team and experience the benefits together.

 Existing baseline (empirical data)

 Tools and methods

 Prescriptive approach and navigation

– Trans contextual efficacy

– Trans-cultural normativity

 Decision guidance

 Facilitation Skills

 Divergent problems .vs. convergent problems

 Probability, Plausibility and Belief

Duration: 8 hours

About the Instructor:

David Auda is a career Reliability Engineer with experience in a wide variety of disciplines, which include but is not limited to aerospace, sensitized goods manufacture, instrument development, medical device design and manufacture, heavy equipment design, energy and commercial transport vehicles. David is an ASQ validated trainer and a frequent workshop facilitator and presenter at international conferences and symposia.

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