Profiles in Reliability – Deven Subramoney

Deven Subramoney

Tell us your name
Deven Subramoney

Where do you live?
Auckland, New Zealand

Tell us about your education background.
After obtaining a diploma in electronics engineering I have chosen a vocational path in my professional development, which evolved in the field of Reliability. In its core was practical work on increasingly complex projects, supported by numerous professional courses in Reliability. By exchanging knowledge and experience with other reliability professionals and having a genuine passion and determination to understand and apply reliability principles effectively. Fortunately over the years I could benchmark my knowledge level against other experts. As a logical part of my professional progression I am more active in the field of training other engineers and introducing/setting up reliability systems in various companies.

Tell us about your professional background.
My reliability experience was acquired whilst working across a broad range of industries that included defense, multimedia, animal and security management, refrigeration, vehicle telematics, and medical manufacturers. My reliability career started in 1988 working as a test technician for a defense company in South Africa spanning over a few years and later joining a large electronics group in South Africa.  Over the years I progressed to a Reliability Engineer role where I was given the responsibility of developing the reliability process.  In 2005, I was offered a reliability role within a NZ company and immigrated. Whilst in NZ, I have played a key role in facilitating reliability in several large companies by introducing and developing the reliability process, engineers and culture. As a result of this influence, some of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers have state of the art reliability test facilities on-site.

How have you given back to the reliability profession?
I have made my knowledge transferrable through consulting, networking and training. My aim is to help companies with the setup and growth of reliability functions focusing on the development of the reliability process, reliability engineering labs, engineers and integration into the business.

What do you enjoy most about reliability?
Providing solutions for complex reliability related issues can be very satisfying personally and an inspiration to others especially if you have years of life experience behind you. My greatest pleasure comes from being able to “bridge the gap” between an in house reliability program and product field behaviour. This illustrates good visibility into pin pointing areas of improvement and calibration of predictive reliability processes. I cherish the task of developing validated reliability protocols (Internal Standards) for product families and sharing this knowledge and life experiences with others.

What do you do for fun and relaxation?
I spend lots of my sparse free time pursuing outdoor with family and friends as well as some sports which helps me maintain a healthy  balance

What is reliability in your own words?
Reliability is about taking pride in what you do and ensuring that whatever you do is favored by most and doing this consistently over time. In simple terms, reliability is a quality characteristic that builds trust!

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