ASQ RRD Webinar: Culture 4.0: The Future of Work Is Here

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On Thursday, Nov 10 2022 Hank Lindborg presented

 ASQ RRD Webinar: Culture 4.0: The Future of Work Is Here


Corporate culture is under siege–plagued by loud and quiet quitters, epidemic burnout, generational divides, demands for greater worker flexibility and autonomy, challenges in integrating technology (including artificial intelligence) and articulating common purpose for remote workers. Though futurists have long explored the benefits of remote work and resilient organizational designs, many have been surprised by recent shifts in values that challenge traditional assumptions built into some of our organizations and reinforced by our own understandings of work and management, from 5-day workweeks to managerial control and physical presence in an office. This presentation defines perennial dimensions of culture, assesses the effects of current trends, and offers suggestions for enhancing healthy cultures in volatile and uncertain times.

Dr. Hank Lindborg has enjoyed a long career as an academic and consultant. He has consulted with industries from publishing, health care, and manufacturing, to utilities and education. He has held positions as professor, dean, and senior vice president in public and private universities. He holds degrees from Fordham University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a career columnist for Quality Progress as well as past chair and founder of ASQ’s Education Division.

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