ASQ RRD Series: Weibull – Special Topics in Weibull Analysis

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On Feb 11, Jim Brenneman presented the ASQ RRD Series: Weibull – Special Topics in Weibull Analysis

Special Topics in Weibull Analysis: Continuation of Using Weibull Analysis to Solve REAL Engineering Problems
1. What Happens if a Weibull distribution doesn’t fit the data?   (Comparing the Weibull to other possible distributions). With some reminders/surprises.
2. Weibull Confidence Bounds and their use in Reliability. The only confidence bounds  application I have found extremely useful.
3. Regression with Life data  (Modeling S/N data, …).. Not your usual Regression analysis. You can use censored (runout) data and get results that are accurate (based on the data).
4. Sudden Death Testing. Sounds ominous, but can save you big $ in many reliability tests.

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