ASQ RRD series webinar: Weibull – When being Normal is not good enough

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ASQ RRD series webinar: Weibull – When being Normal is not good enough

on Jul 9, 2020 Thu, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Abstract: “This session provides insight into the limitations of exclusively using normal distribution statistics for quality program decisions. As useful as the bell curve has been in the past, often it does not model current manufacturing process output adequately at the shop floor level. Justification is provided in the session to adding options for the use of alternate models such as Weibull or lognormal when appropriate.”

Bio for Carl Tarum:
Mr. Carl Tarum is the Director of Software Research at Fulton Findings. He retired from Nexteer Automotive where he worked on Functional Safety for Electric Power Steering. Prior roles included Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt, where he taught, coached, and managed certification records. As a Reliability Engineer, he developed life testing and reliability predictions for hydraulic systems and new development. He has five patents related to steering systems. Additionally, Mr. Tarum developed the SuperSMITH® YBath™ and Help modules. He has conducted extensive research on p-value estimates for goodness of fits and methods to analyze mixtures of failure modes. He received his B.S.M.E from Montana State University, and his M.B.A from the University of Michigan – Flint.

Bio for Wes Fulton:
Wes Fulton is CEO of Fulton Findings. He wrote the first widely-used Weibull plotting program in 1987. That software has been upgraded year by year into the current Windows-based Weibull Engineering package, SuperSMITH(R). It is the only software 100% compatible with Dr. Bob Abernethy’s standard reference, “The New Weibull Handbook(c)”. Mr. Fulton has presented Dr. Bob’s “Weibull Workshop” hundreds of times to technical professionals around the world over the past 30 years. Before that, he worked 16 years as program engineer for AiResearch, managing aerospace projects including the F16 Fighter Leading Edge Flap Drive System (LEFDS) and the Taiwanese IDF Jet LEFDS. His name is on a drive-train shaft patent. He holds B.S.M.E from Georgia Tech and M.S.M.E. from Long Beach State.

Picture © B. Poncelet

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