ASQ RRD series webinar: Conducting risk assessment for non-homogeneous population with defects

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On Thursday, March 14, 2024

Andre Kleyner presented:

ASQ RRD series webinar: Conducting risk assessment for non-homogeneous population with defects.

When a portion of the product population is impacted by a defect, predicting field performance and conducting risk assessment becomes challenging, introducing a high degree of uncertainty into the analysis. This challenge is particularly pronounced when the percentage of the defective population is unknown a priori. This webinar addresses two scenarios involving such non-homogeneous populations: one scenario involves dividing the total population into two sub-populations – defective and non-defective, while the other scenario entails variations in the severity of the defect across the population, affecting times to failure. A case study involving semiconductor reliability testing, representing multiple mission lifetimes, will be presented, and the difficulties associated with backward extrapolation (back casting) of life data will be discussed.


Andre Kleyner has over 30 years of engineering, research, consulting, and managerial experience specializing in reliability of electronic and mechanical systems designed to operate in severe environments. He received the doctorate in
Mechanical/Reliability Engineering from University of Maryland, and Master of Business Administration from Ball State University. Dr. Kleyner was Global Reliability Engineering Leader with a major Tier 1 automotive supplier and now is an independent consultant. He is an ASQ Fellow, a certified reliability and quality engineer (CRE, CQE) and a Six Sigma Black Belt. For a number of years Dr. Kleyner was a part time lecturer at Purdue University teaching
systems engineering. He holds several US and foreign patents and authored over 50 professional publications including three books on the topics of reliability, statistics and warranty management. Andre Kleyner also is the editor of the Wiley Series in Quality and Reliability Engineering, a technical book series published by John Wiley & Sons.

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