ASQ RRD series webinar: Communicating with FINESSE:  Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand

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On Jul 14, 2022 , JD Solomon presented

ASQ RRD series webinar: Communicating with FINESSE: Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand

Getting your boss’s boss to understand is one of the most challenging jobs for technical professionals. Senior management frequently does not understand concepts related to risk, reliability, resilience, quality, and other technical specialties. Texts and guidance documents often reference the importance of better communication and education; however, limited practical guidance is provided to technical professionals in their roles as trusted advisors to senior decision makers. This webinar will fill some of these gaps and provide a proven approach for getting the boss’s boss to understand.

The Communicating with FINESSE fishbone diagram will be used as the outline for the workshop. The seven bones of the fishbone diagram are Framing, illustrations, Noise reduction, Empathy, Structure, Synergy, and Ethics. The central message of each topic will be discussed. Specific real-world examples relative to risk and reliability will be provided.

JD Solomon Bio

JD Solomon, PE, CRE, CMRP, is the founder of JD Solomon, Inc, a company focused on project development, asset management, and facilitation for facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. He is an active member in the ASQ Risk and Reliability Division and a seasoned presenter at ASQ events

JD’s past senior leadership roles include Vice President at two Fortune 500 companies, Town Manager for a unit of local government, and Chairman of a state environmental rulemaking commission. JD is the author of the book “Communicating Reliability, Risk, and Resiliency to Decision Makers: Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand.” His new book, “Communicating with FINESSE,” will be released in the Fall of 2022.

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