ASQ RRD series webinar: Better Accelerated Testing

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On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 Dr. Wayne Nelson presented:

ASQ RRD series webinar: Better Accelerated Testing

Many materials and products degrade slowly and fail after a long time under normal use conditions. Usually tests under such conditions cannot run long enough to yield useful reliability information. Accelerated tests quickly yield such information. Run at high stress (mechanical load, temperature, etc.), specimens degrade and fail sooner. Then product life at use stress levels is estimated with a model fitted to the high stress data as described by Nelson (2004) and Meeker, Escobar, and Pascual (2021).
This talk describes recent advances in statistical models and data analyses and plots for accelerated tests. Using these advances, scientists and engineers can run faster tests that are more informative and accurate. See details at

Dr. Wayne Nelson is a leading expert on analysis of reliability and accelerated test data. He privately consults on applications, gives training courses, and works as an expert witness. For 24 years he consulted across the General Electric Co. and received the Dushman Award of GE Corp. R&D for developments and applications of product reliability data analyses.

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