A note from the RMMR conference Chair

David Auda

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I would like to take this opportunity to invite/welcome you to the annual RMMR 2022 conference.

It has been a couple of years of disruptions and as a result of those disruptions many things have changed.

Most notably the transition from face to face meetings to remote meetings.

It is a safe assumption that our work as Reliability practitioners has suffered as a result.

Remote video conference calls and asynchronous email communications have their limitations.

As we slowly emerge from these restrictive working conditions, we will need to discover what the new “normal” is. This will likely redefine some of our tools and methods to accommodate the change we are going through now and also with changes that are yet to come.

The RMMR will provide the same level of expert presentations and technical content but even more importantly, it provides a needed opportunity to gather once again and share our experiences and learnings.

In that respect, we, as a discipline, are not just recognizing the impact that these disruptions have had, but we take the challenge to advance our discipline in spite of them.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference and setting our new goals for success, both now and for the future.

(David Auda)


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